Our favorite gifts for the least and most health-focused names on your list:

For the Health Nut

Even the healthiest among us probably aren’t eating the best foods for our bodies. Think about it: How many times a day do you see conflicting information on what makes up a healthy diet. It just leads to a lot of guessing. Am I supposed to be eating eggs? Are legumes a good source of protein or do they cause leaky gut? The answer is different for everyone and only your DNA can provide the roadmap. Decoding it is another story, but leave that part to us.

For the Athleisure Addict

Raise your hand if you’ve skipped a workout. M-hmm. Us, too. But that endorphin rush afterward is worth it. We’ve started tricking ourselves into actually hitting the gym floor with shoes that are as cute as they are high-performance. Pair them with an AI Concierge who knows all the best workouts for each user, and even the gym-adverse listees will find their way to the gym.

For the Tech-Obsessed

How many times have you thought you’d be more productive if your body just came with an owner’s manual? Am I supposed to be working out in the morning or afternoon? Does my body crave carbs or protein? My iDDNA’s AI Concierge helps you look under the hood for the first time, sending real-time diet, fitness and lifestyle recommendations straight to your phone. This insanely smart app acts like Google for your body, available 24/7 to field questions. That means no more guessing about what’s best for you.