London, February 7, 2017,

Suisse Life Science: Connecting the dots between your DNA, the Data and how you can REALLY use it to better your life

Genetics plays a significant role in diagnosis and treatment of several health conditions and having more data about our health is a positive step, but it is only relevant if we are able to connect the dots between the DNA and data. The 2017 CMO Generation Genome report presented a vision of genomics being integrated into the NHS within the next 5 years with medical research council member, Professor Chinnery, stating that “all doctors will need to be able to understand when to use genomic testing and how to interpret the results they get back from the lab in practice.” Biological data analytics company Suisse Life Science are set to change the way we interpret and use this data with their breakthrough DNA and digital technology iDDNA which is making DNA data useful for population health management helping consumers, doctors and health specialists to make actionable and positive changes to healthcare.

Imagine a future in which you age, but without the diseases your parents got; where it doesn’t have to hurt to grow old, where you can prevent predispositions from manifesting? DNA testing services currently on the market are not providing a solution to DNA results and so leave consumers confused as to how they should interpret their results and do not help individuals to adopt a preventive lifestyle. Through the convenience of a smartphone or wearable, My iDDNA is bridging this gap by offering genomic tests that analyse DNA data to understand the consumers predisposition at a molecular level uncovering personalised treatment options and lifestyle changes that help people to live longer, happier and healthier lives. Rather than reacting to an illness with enabling medication, My iDDNA aims to provide consumers with an evidence-based lifestyle and behavioural medicine system that uncovers the root of the problem providing users with a complete picture of how their body responds to food, lifestyle and the environment. From DNA based digital nutrition plans designed to enable healthcare professionals to write specific food prescriptions addressing specific conditions like hypertension, diabetes and obesity to hand-crafted bespoke skincare, My iDDNA offers users a connected, mobile experience so they can track and monitor their wellness journey in real time.

We are all unique and can’t ever change our Genes but we can get the best out of or factory settings if we use My iDDNA’s superior technology to decipher data based on our unique attributes, environment and lifestyle choices as well as our genomic makeup. The My iDDNA app is a ground-breaking combination of the best doctors, latest research papers, nutritionists and personal trainers which uses AI and deep machine learning to help users to make hassle-free and informed decisions about their our own health and wellbeing.

Suisse Life Science’s goal is to provide a new wave of lifestyle and data-driven medicine which helps people to make actionable changes that will dramatically improve quality of life and prevent chronic disease. By doing this, Suisse Life Science hopes to alleviate some of the strains that burden the NHS by guiding people on a personalised, biology driven health plan that doesn’t require pills or medication. The beginning of the era of Personalized Precision Medicine is here and My iDDNA holds the key to making our DNA meaningful.