The big bang is coming in health care, and it will spark the next industrial revolution.

The biopharma innovation flow in 2017 was the most exciting the world has seen. Industrial revolutions occur when there is an unmet need and when different technologies come together to create magic.  The Fifth Industrial Revolution will be powered by the coming acceleration in harnessing the biological sciences.

Biology is difficult to characterize, difficult to chart on a systems basis. It is ever changing, difficult to intervene at specific intervention points and can take evasive action when human intervention occurs. Biology is ruled by nature, much more than the laws of physical science or mechanical science. Some say as much new research is getting added on in the previous two years as the entire period before that. The cost of sequencing a genome has dropped below $1,000, a stunning drop from $2 billion level less than two decades ago. This cost will keep dropping. It is estimated that more than a billion people will soon supply the world’s databases with their genomic and phenotypic information to carry out correlations that educate us about gene variants and their linkage to diseases — and even lifestyles.

This Fifth Revolution, which Fred Hassan – Chairman Warburg Pincus – predicts will start in the next decade, will make this century the Life Sciences Century for Mankind. We will succeed in taming biology and making it into a more predictable science that can be harnessed, similar to the way the previous four industrial revolutions harnessed the physical and mechanical sciences. As the Fifth Industrial revolution unfolds, more and more of us will be living longer and living better.

Genomic Intelligence + Living Data = Metabolic Intelligence

Suisse Life Science is a biological big data analytics company that has developed a knowledge-discovery platform to extract cause-effect relationships directly from genetic interpretation – and at scale – linking them to lifestyle data from consumer devices in real time to provide actionable recommendations.



Every two years the world’s database doubles, and every three years health information alone also doubles. By 2020, global healthcare data will double every three days – with 80% of the data being unstructured, without a clear relationship. To truly get the results consumers deserve, health & wellness data need to translate into accurate, actionable recommendations for both consumers and professionals.

Our goal is to leverage these capabilities to transform health from an expert-driven field – with poor predictive power and large gaps in its fundamental understanding of human biology – and transforming it into a data-driven predictive science that makes it as easy as possible for individuals of all ages to take a more active role in managing their health.

Suisse Life Science’s Genomic Intelligence technology interprets and personalizes health & wellness recommendations from DNA linking them with living data from consumer devices – after intelligent, personalised extraction of cause-effect relationship from the most validated scientific literature – to make DNA actionable for lasting, behavioral population health intervention or personalised insights.

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