The crypto-economy is not only Bitcoins.

Personalized health is embracing blockchain technologies.

Suisse Life Science confirms to be evaluating a participation to

Suisse Life Science adopted blockchain technology in 2017 as part of its effort to make health personal but we still incentivization as paramount to promote healthy behaviors and advantages to all stakeholders.


Blockchain adoption in healthcare and the creation of trust into the ecosystem to share health data is paramount to harness the power of biological sciences and launch the bioeconomy.

DAYS are the first in the world insurance tokenized assets converting life extension demand into investment in anti-aging medicine guaranteed by top-expert blockchain panel.

DAYS are powering the Longevity Impact Forum. LIF is a platform to select the most promising cutting-edge technologies in the field of longevity, biotech and 4P Medicine.

Our CEO is actively discussing with LIF founders executive programs to be launched before DAYS TGE expected in June.