In continuity with our EIS documentation, Investment memorandum and November Investor relation update we confirm that the market is more proactive at the enterprise level suggesting to capitalize the opportunity refactoring our technology platform for a corporate offer. Technically the market is strongly shifting to whole genome sequencing – which is a more complex proposition for the consumer market. The direct-to-consumer marketing test consumed in October-November resulted in metrics 2-3 times higher than what accounted in our plan.

2017 activities have resulted in a strong visibility of the company at the corporate level and a clear competitive advantage due to the iDDNA® proof of concept. Having spent months to build a personalized solution product give us a MVP to show that our technology is innovative, yet applicable – and it changed completely our credibility for the market access.
The positioning is shifting from a product company to “Digital Health”, a big data approach to genomics – that is an evident, unmet market need.
Talks with large enterprise firms have started since November 2017.

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