Investor Relations – Update
London, November 3rd 2017

Suisse Life Science Group signs agreement for JV in Brazil
Suisse Life Science Group plc signs an agreement for a 51% owned joint-venture in Brazil. Incorporation of Suisse Life Science Biotecnologia Ltda already started targeting Q1, 2018 to launch in Sao Paulo state before expanding nationwide. Suisse Life Science Brazil will appoint as managing director Mr. Leonardo Gross, an executive with a successful track record in innovative medical devices distribution.

Investment Memorandum Quarterly Update
It’s available from Amio Wealth, Suisse Life Science’s exclusive EIS broker, the latest Suisse Life Science Group plc detailed financial plan updating the EIS Investment Memorandum.

The company is experiencing stronger than expected opportunities by:

  • The Corporate Wellness industry also by the largest medical insurers in the world looking to leverage their expertise to take innovative technologies to millions of their corporate partners employees. These players are looking for innovative technologies to track & measure how people are behaving, to assess how they are performing against a set of goals, and creative and effective mechanics to nudge people into changing behaviour and keep motivation high
  • The Genomics/Personalised Health segment looking for mobile engagement technologies and data enrichment middleware platforms, an unexpected market opportunity to license my iDDNA® technology and ramp up the company data analytics capabilities
  • The Chinese market, where the company is rolling out the final preparation for accessing the market by the Chinese New Year (February 2018). Genomics is booming in China, and the country could dominate an increasingly valuable industry: the Chinese government plans to pour 60 billion yuan ($9 billion) into a national precision medicine initiative before 2030 (a similar effort in the United States was launched in 2015 with $215 million in funding).

To foster these opportunities and develop organically the corporate organisation, the UK DTC operations will be kept in soft launch mode for Q4 targeting the consumer market in Q1, 2018.

Another key precision medicine initiative, IPMC in Korea, is confirmed in final set up and launch in Q1, 2018. Suisse Life Science Group plc’s involvement as lifestyle precision technology and mobile engagement has been confirmed this week.