Suisse Life Science Group confirms the launch of its new technology “Personalised Health Middleware for Genomics Company” at Festival of Genomics London 2018.

The new technology aimed at “Making DNA meaningful and actionable for population health interventions” will be introduced for the first time on 30th Jan at 11:20 in a public talk hosted by Dr. Birep Aygün Ph.D. and Mr. Omar Fogliadini – after Mr. Kari Stefansson of deCODE – as solution to Delivering the benefits of genomics faster.


Live demo of a turnkey technology to use DNA data, phenotypic traits, and lifestyle to manage chronic diseases and increase healthspan as an efficient solution to the shortage of genetic counsellors. Live comparison to a genome Doctor manual interpretation.

A Smart Lifestyle Intelligence connecting the dots between:

  • Personalised Health
  • Chronic Disease Prevention & Management
  • Ultra-Wellness
  • Genomic Insights

Through Artificial Intelligence and Consumer Devices (IoT).

Discover how you can use the DNA to help people taking a more active role in managing their health.

Understand the value of behavioural coaching through living data for personalised health interventions and how you can integrate simplified genomics in your practice without studying genetics.

For more information and private demo, please contact

Dr. Birep Aygün Ph.D. is a biotechnology and genomics specialist, former Head Senior Investigator at the European Commission DG JRC Institute for Health and Consumer Protection-Molecular Biology and Genomics Unit. Her specific public policy areas were non invasive genetic testing for diagnostic and screening purposes and rare disease. Dr. Aygun is a keen supporter of the democratization of genome data and personalised medicine initiatives, working in the Scientific Committee of Suisse Life Science Group.
Omar Fogliadini is Chief Innovation Officer of Suisse Life Group and specialises in experimentation across the consumer journey, focusing on data-driven experience design. He previously founded and managed a European cosmetic medicine and surgery clinics network that changed the way customers interact with cosmetic surgery experiences, engaging for more than 13 years in the science of ageing and deployment of cosmetic and regenerative medicine go-to-market innovations. Regularly featured in the financial press and a speaker on business models and open innovation, he’s already made Suisse Life Science an open innovation and digitalisation case history at SUPSI (University of Applied Sciences and Arts of Southern Switzerland).