Anti-aging concierge services, made to measure from your DNA

We have added years to life; it is time to think about how we add life to years.

Why do we long to return to our more youthful years?

Is it possible to enjoy the perks of youth long after our thirties?

The answer is yes; it just might be possible to keep the unwanted side effects of aging at bay. Youthfulness is not as much about how old you really are, but rather how old you feel and how well your body works.

Meet iDDNA®, an exclusive anti-aging concept and AI concierge service made to measure from your DNA.
It’s a personalized solution for a high-quality life who lives from your DNA to find your ideal path to nutrition, wellness and fitness in total freedom.

Your GPS (Genetic Positioning System) map is the most comprehensive DNA study in the world, with over 850 genes custom genotyped. The genetic results are only the first step; your genetics are then cross-referenced with the latest findings in biology, nutrition, exercise and medicine.


Your DNA is not locked away.
Our body rebuilds itself in less than 365 days.
Every day is a new opportunity to build a new you.



From doctors to beauty spas, many “anti-aging” and aesthetic medical treatments only target the superficial aspects of your true potential. But how we function internally can dictate how we look aesthetically, and how we feel biologically. Correcting nutritional, hormonal, and toxic imbalances in your body will help you achieve optimum results that are also long lasting.

The human body has two different ages – a chronological age and a biological age.

• Chronological age refers to the actual time you have been alive, meaning how old you are in years.
• Biological age refers to how old you appear to be, and what’s happening inside of your body.

iDDNA® is the first-ever Health & Wellness mobile concierge technology based on your true biological age, called DNA Age. Every custom anti-aging treatment is individualized in terms of prescribed treatment and lifestyle adjustments for a next generation anti-aging solution designed upon your true biological age to counteract senescence at a cellular level.

It’s a consumer-friendly, know-your-DNA service that pairs insight into your genetic make-up with a handy phone app and on-demand advanced anti-aging treatments prescribed in partnership with the best anti-aging experts. Our technology activates your own anti-aging potential at a cellular level through epigenetics switching – advanced high-tech skin care technologies, individually optimized nutrition, precise exercise and targeted nutraceutical supplementation.