The iDDNA® Anti-Aging Diet promotes healthy, long-lasting weight management by working simultaneously on:

• FAT: Obesity Risk, Weight Regain, Eating Behavior and Appetite
• MACRONUTRIENT SENSITIVITY: Lipid and Sugar Metabolism
• VITAMINS DEFICIENCY RISK: B Vitamins and Vitamin D Metabolism
• Detox Ability and Free Radical Damage
• Inflammatory Response and Immune System
• Coffee and Salt (Hypertension) Sensitivity
• Lactose and Gluten (Celiac Disease) Intolerance

Your iDDNA® automatically suggests the right DNA-matching dietary approach – but you have the freedom to choose the one you like most:

• Low carb
• Bella, the iDDNA® Anti-Aging Diet
• Mediterranean
• Nordic
• Pescetarian
• Lacto-vegetarian
• Ovo-vegetarian
• Vegetarian
• Vegan
• Elimination diet.

Our system used your DNA-matched dietary approach to personalize the food combinations you like to keep you fit and healthy. And every dietary approach balances macro- and micronutrient intake.

You can always remove or replace foods with the swipe option on your mobile, or simply save your favorite meals with 1-click menu planning based on your DNA.

• Obesity management
• Digestion discomfort (Crohn’s disease and IBS prevention)
• Elimination diet
• Freedom diet
• Okinawan (Longevity) diet
• Alternate-day fasting (ADF) diet
• Fasting mimicking (Periodic) diet
• Fertility/Pregnancy diet (only for women)
• Sexual performance (only for men)
• Bioidentical hormone replacement therapy (BHRT) support.

We’re sure you will love your iDDNA®, and upgrade to a lifelong eating plan with custom healthy recipes.

This is the last diet you’ll ever need – because the iDDNA® diet will provide you with food proposals according to the most advanced anti-aging nutritional approaches. You just have to adjust your menus by switching out foods, or saving favorites based on your preferences.

Rich food selection: over 1,000 foods.
Large selection of superfoods, nuts and DNA-healthy foods.
Allergy/food intolerance exclusions.
Compliance with religious guidelines.

Discover how many vitamins and minerals your menu provides. Learn which dietary supplements you really need, and the best moment in the day to take them.

With iDDNA®, your body gets what it really needs.

And with the Freedom Diet, you’ll have 1-2 days a week to choose whatever you want to eat – iDDNA® automatically rebalances your needs on the remaining days.