Gala Deutschland will be featuring iDDNA® custom anti-aging from DNA on their issue # 45, out on November 3rd.

Thanks to Ariane Häusler, Gala Deutschland Beauty Redaktorin.



Most of us want to look and feel young again, but it has nothing to do with actually being back in our twenties. It just means we want to maintain the energy and physical resilience we had in our prime.

But the human body has two different ages – a chronological age and a biological age.

  • Chronological age is the actual time you have been alive – how old you are in years.
  • Biological age is how old you appear to be, and what’s happening inside of your body.

You might be 35 years old chronologically, but you might present a biological age of 48.
This can depend on a combination of negative genetics, behavior, lifestyle and environment.

Many generic treatments are unsuccessful because traditional anti-aging therapies place you in a homogeneous age group.
But is there a truer measurement of your actual age for successful age management?
Yes. And you’ve found it.

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