Imagine having a skincare or nutrition coach who tells you how best to care for your skin. Imagine having that advice to tell you what you can eat to feel the best, to feel as fit and as strong as possible. It may sound like a nice dream, but it is indeed reality…

When you walk into a perfumery or the beauty department of a department store, you are completely overwhelmed by what’s on offer. So many brands, so many promises, so many ingredients. The saleswoman comes to you to advise you, but this advice is usually the result of a glimpse of your skin. It remains to be seen whether the newly purchased product does what you hoped for. Every skin is unique and therefore an individual, customized, anti-ageing program is the only thing that can work truly effectively. After all, a quick fix is not enough for the current generation.


The consumer of today wants more and requires treatment that yields long-term results. My iDDNA® brings together science and nature. In the pursuit of the best possible result, a DNA swab will be taken from you. That swab is sent to the lab and within a few weeks there will be a customized skin care package on your doormat. And that nutrition coach you dreamt of? That’s your phone, telling you from then on every day exactly which nutrients are good for your body.

It’s going to tell you to slice that avocado or prepare that salmon for some Vitamin B5 and it’s going to tell you exactly how good such foods are for you and your skin. We can’t all have a dietitian hovering over us for every meal, but this app and this process from iDDNA is as good as. Whether you’re a footballer keeping tabs on what you put in your body, or just someone looking to stay in the best shape you possibly can, this app could change your life far more than Angry Birds ever could.