No two person’s skin is the same. The truth is, we are all unique; our skin’s health and condition are determined by genes, lifestyle, dietary choices and so much more. You’ll find that some women possess skin that looks far older than it actually is, while others do not. As such, a cookie-cutter approach to skincare does not always work.

That is precisely why Bella Skin Care has introduced iDDNA. Always at the forefront of the latest in skincare technology, iDDNA is the first-ever epigenetic personalised skin care system made-to-measure from your DNA. Sounds pretty neat, huh? The philosophy behind the system is simple: iDDNA believes the secret to skincare lies in your genes. Rather than presuming to know your skin or assuming that all skin types are the same, iDDNA seeks to understand your skin on its genetic levels.


Firstly, clients will be asked about their lifestyle, before eventually having their genes studied. This is to determine the ingredients and formula compatible to your skin’s needs, which will be taken into account when creating your very own luxurious, personalised anti-aging skin care system. (Fret not, these ingredients are completely free from chemical preservatives.) No more feeling frustrated over serums and creams from beauty counters that promise wonders, but does virtually nothing for your skin. This luxurious skin care system is tailored specially to work just for you.

Beyond just studying your genes and your lifestyle, the system also takes into account your physical environment. You will get to enjoy an Artificial Intelligence Concierge Serve that suggests a list of healthy foods to consume, and also monitors external factors that can age your skin, like the temperature, humidity, UVA-UVB levels and pollution levels in your area, to give you specific, location-based recommendations. (It even suggests the appropriate level of sunscreen to use!) Our skin is influenced by more than just our DNA and lifestyle; as such, understanding it on all levels will truly let you unlock and achieve your skin’s potential for healthy, youthful skin.

iDDNA is now available at all Bella Skin Care centres. Check out their outlets here.

Sarah Khan

Photos: Bella Skin Care