Challenging consumer expectations of personalised beauty offerings, new app and DNA test duo My iDDNA takes anti-ageing lifestyle and beauty data to the next level – by creating a smart, ultra-bespoke, ever-changing beauty regime.

Developed by Swiss wellness company Suisse Life Science Group, users’ skin is assessed via an online questionnaire, photo analysis and a DNA swab test. The data is then combined with lifestyle markers (such as sleep, diet and exercise) to develop a bespoke anti-ageing skincare offering.

The line includes a day and night cream, eye gel, and an SPF product that will feature a different level of protection depending on the user’s sensitivity to UV rays. Each month, iDDNA’s artificially intelligent mobile concierge service updates the formula of each product in line with ongoing data from the consumer and the app’s analysis of the skin.

A nifty calendar feature allows users to input future holiday plans, which the app translates into skincare that will best suit their skin in that climate and temperature. The app is currently being trialled in a soft launch in the UK.

With the global anti-ageing market set to reach $216.52bn by 2021 (Zion Market Research, 2017) and the personalised medical market projected to grow 12% by 2020 (Grand View Research, 2016), pushing age-defying personalised products is a shrewd move.