Whenever products qualify as ‘personal’ or ‘authentic’, to us the question arises to what extent that is true. We all know an individual approach has become the new standard for luxury, but this product – idDNA – took that to a whole new level.

Balanced between DNA-based, genetical evidence and circumstantial, lifestyle-related factors, they’ve set up a complete new range of skincare products. How, you ask? The people behind idDNA build their treatment from individual information, through a DNA-swab. Techniques used by the Swiss-based skincare manufacturer are the exact same ones no less than president Obama has used for precise medicine.

Now that we’ve realized we’re going to live longer, the question popping up is how we’re going to feel better living longer. Everybody (and every body!) requires a different approach for this. For instance: things perceived as ‘healthy’, in general, might not be healthy for you. Your DNA might be set up in a way that this so-called ‘healthy food’ or lifestyle you’ve chosen to follow is actually working against you, simply because your unique body requires something else. What works for your friend, your neighbour or even your sister, might not work for you. And the reason is simple: you don’t have identical sets of genes and/or identical lifestyles.

When you use idDNA, after your DNA has been taken, information will be put onto microchips anonymously, and afterwards the unique product – based on your DNA – will be developed. One sample can last as long a as a lifetime, because as you know: your DNA doesn’t change.

Through an interactive application on your phone, you will be advised (also on the sole basis of your genes) on how to eat, what to eat and to what extent and in what form to exercise. The great thing about this is that you can always indicate personal preferences when it comes to which foods you like, what drinks you love or what sports you like to play. The application will advise you on how to eat and find exercise for the day, based on genetically enhanced information.

Combining skincare and lifestyle (foods, drinks, exercise) should take care of a complete package to revitalize your skin. Basic programs start with a duration of 60 days and will give natural longlasting results. This can be done simply because the product doesn’t only work on your skin, but it works on your genes.