PSFK’s Beauty Debrief explores how brands and retailers can help customers find or create their ‘perfect match’ of products and/or services. By adopting a personalization-first approach to product creation, recommendation and coaching, companies can forge brand relationships that satisfy consumers on functional, emotional and social levels.

Retail, product and brand experience personalization help consumers satisfy the desire to purchase products that are relevant to their lifestyles.

My iDDNA featured as example of Personalized product in Atomic Personalization.


Today’s beauty marketplace consists of product creators, service providers and retail outlets that are experimenting with customer personalization in different capacities. These include offering custom-made products, tailoring the shopper experience or coaching users through ownership and a routine.

By blending different channels of personalization, brands can paint a more robust a picture of their shoppers and help them find the perfect match of products, retail experiences and ownership.


The beauty industry sits at the forefront of innovation when it comes to brand experience. Driven by a demanding and more informed customer base, companies have responded by experimenting with customized retail, product and experience models. PSFK’s Beauty Debrief spotlights the news ways in which beauty pioneers are using personalization as a relationship-building tool—providing lessons for professionals not only in beauty, but in any sector looking to evolve the brand experience with consumers.

In this industry, if you are looking to build a compelling product or service experience, you must be finely attuned to the new patterns and behaviors consumers have adopted in their personal beauty rituals and buying habits. With this new report, we have set out to explore how brands and retailers can connect with customers to help them find and create their ‘perfect match’ of commodities and/or services.

Brands are tailoring their products and expert services according to individuals’ unique biologies, which include components such as DNA and cellular makeup.personalized-anti-aging

Companies are more intimately serving fans by surveying details about their lifestyle and tailoring subsequent recommendations and treatments.

Contextually-aware platforms monitor customers’ external environments and provide them with the essential tools and education to adapt their rituals.

Smart technologies log and track consumers’ ongoing physical profiles and suggest improvements, identify changes or track progress towards a goal.