Skincare Gets Smart and Personal

In a saturated market spoiled by choice, My iDDNA® harnesses Artificial Intelligence and science to strip your unique skincare service back to essential basics.

You might be relieved to hear that My iDDNA® is a novel health and wellness service which subscribes to this philosophy—and we’re pleased to announce that it is launching in London. Dissatisfied with an industry that sells mass products via the improbable promise of a quick fix, its founders pledged to whittle down the guesswork that surrounds skincare. Over the course of eight years, the digital biological intel company Suisse Life Science worked to create a bespoke, acutely personalized programme which puts people in control of their own wellbeing and which also declutters bathroom shelves from cleansers and creams that can’t possibly work effectively across multiple customers with totally different complexions. How can one product leave sun-damaged skin luminous whilst simultaneously hydrating a tired, dry and dull complexion stressed by pollution and digital device usage?

The simple concept behind My iDDNA®’s smart skincare is based upon two interlocking tenets: science and nature.

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