Dr. Firshein, a well-renowned integrative medicine and anti-aging Doctor in New York, introduces iDDNA anti-aging from DNA in the US.

From his office in Park Avenue Dr. Firshein is taking care of a sophisticated and demanding clientele, looking to get better with age avoiding drugs and adverse effects. They want to look and feel better, unleashing their own anti-aging potential.

This is why Dr. Firshein was the first introducing in his own age-management protocols a DNA-personalized approach to grow younger.
To be straightforward, we are not talking about another DNA test.

Antiaging Doctor in New York introduces iDDNA anti-aging from DNA

iDDNA® is not another genetic test. Your genes are only the first step in examining your biochemistry and physiology.
The critical translation between genotype, biochemistry, gene expression, biomarker tests, phenotype and personalized advice based on evidence-based research makes the difference.

It’s a consumer-friendly, know-your-DNA service that pairs insight into your genetic make-up with a handy phone app and on-demand advanced anti-aging treatments prescribed in partnership with the best anti-aging experts. Our technology activates your own anti-aging potential at a cellular level through epigenetics switching – advanced high-tech skin care technologies, individually optimized nutrition, precise exercise and targeted nutraceutical supplementation.

Personalized anti-aging from DNA

Research shows that identical foods produce “healthy” and “unhealthy” responses in different individuals. Your iDDNA® automatically suggests the right DNA-matching dietary approach – and you have the freedom to choose the one you like most.

iDDNA® is a comprehensive anti-aging concierge solution covering:

  • Tailor made skin care protocols
  • Anti-aging nutrition for weight loss and weight management
  • Fitness and sport performance enhancement
  • Natural hormone rebalancing
  • Stress and sleep management, fertility, sexual health …

Personalization of age-management solutions represents the most effective approach to aging.

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