Suisse Life Science proudly announces that iDDNA®, the Skin Care program made to measure from your DNA, will be launched soon in Hong Kong.
Finally, we are able to design a bespoke skincare regimen with

• The best possible ingredients, formulas and dosage
• Your DNA Skin Care foods shopping list
• Your DNA Skin Care dietary supplement shopping list
• Real-time personalized recommendations to grow younger based on your DNA

In more than 30 locations in Hong Kong.

Your iDDNA® concierge will guide you through the overwhelming offer of different skincare ingredients, showing you the best ingredients that science shows work best for your skin. You get always the skin care regimen – high-performance cosmeceuticals, innovative nutraceuticals – that your skin needs at any specific moment. It’s a tailor-made solution for your skin from the outside-in and/or from the inside-out.

Your skin receives exactly what it needs.
Calibrated moisturization.
Specific sun-damage protection.
Real-time, DNA-personalized photo-protection information telling you exactly how much time you can stay under the sun and what SPF to use.

Current scientific evidence indicates that skin quality and premature aging are caused by various factors, but mainly regulated at the genetic level. These specific genetic markers enable Suisse Life Science to identify the gene(s) involved in your skin aging process.

iDDNA® is the first luxury skincare that self-regulates your formulas according to your genetic cosmetic allergen risk and hypersensitivity to nickel.

• Innovative products
• Research-based formulas (safe, stable, precise, designed for multiple combinations)
• 100% ingredient transparency
• Certified pharmaceutical-grade raw ingredients (all clinically tested in vitro and in vivo)
• GMP-equivalent manufacturing process
• Allergen-conscious design
• High-tech biomimetic peptides and functional ingredients (bioidenticals)
• Free from chemical preservatives
• Long and labor-intensive production method
• Full traceability (each product is identified by a specific batch number)
• Supporting a healthy lifestyle
• Halal-compliant.

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