DNA Sport and Life After Football event

Football is special.

You are also special.

And if you’re living fast, you tend to wear out sooner.

Ever felt your body is working against you now?

Join us for the most exclusive event in Amsterdam, in cooperation with Life after Football.

DNA Sport and your personal trainer from DNA

For the first time in the Netherlands and as world premiere, meet iDDNA®, an AI personal trainer who lives from your DNA.
She finds your ideal path to fitness, nutrition and sport performance and coaches you in real time.

The first biological age training made to measure form DNA will be available from February 2017, but Life after Football is glad to have you – among the first in the world – to enjoy an exclusive beta.

Thursday night, October 27th, the entire North-Western European professional football industry will come together, alongside game changers, local celebs they will mingle in the world of Life After Football. 

Dutch celebrity chef Ramon Beuk is taking culinary charge of a true experience dinner, set up in cooperation with Famous Flavours. 

 The absolute highlight of the night is the award ceremony revolving around the best dressed football player. Hence we nominate five footballers, whom will possibly become Fashion Player of the year 2016.

For more information, contact iDDNA® Nederland at 085 – 30 32 601.