Zen Healthcare London is the new iDDNA® provider in London to provide personalised skin care systems and exclusive, personalised nutrition plan.

Zen Healthcare chose iDDNA® for new, exclusive, customised service in the world capital of bespoke treatments.

Zen Healthcare is a holistic pharmacy, beauty and health centre at the heart of London, well-known for its award-winning service, discreetness and highly experienced team. It encompasses top universal health, beauty brands and bespoke services.

iDDNA® and Zen Healthcare with its talented multidisciplinary group of doctors, pharmacists, nutritionists, dermatologists  and beauty therapists will be able to tell you scientifically what works for you and what doesn’t:

Which skincare is best for me?
What should I eat to look younger?
What vitamins should I take?

We are all different.
Personalised beauty is about what works for you.
Finally, you are not anymore forced to follow choices made by cosmetics manufacturers and you can co-design your regimen to look and feel great.

Come to Zen Healthcare to learn more.
Diana has 15 years experience in beauty and skincare.
She knows all the best professional brands and she can advise you in your choices.

iDDNA® is glad of being accepted as the cutting edge by experienced wellness professionals, such as Zen in London.

It is time to get personal.

Your wellness is not a secret, it is science.
Call Zen 020 7225 1660 to get a personalised wellness assessment.
Zen Healthcare can provide the most advanced anti-ageing system in the world, not only a skincare cream:

  • Bespoke advanced cosmeceuticals, with the best-or-nothing ingredients for you
  • Skincare regimen, nutrition plan and precise dietary supplements to fight ageing from the inside-out, exactly what your skin needs
  • Skin care regimen, skin care foods and vitamins designed from your biomarkers and devices, advising you in real-time about what to change depending on UVA-B, pollution, temperature and humidity
  • Learn how hormones, stress, sleep, humidity, pollution, food and vitamins affect how you look and feel. Discover lifestyle recommendations that nurture and beautify your skin from the outside-in and the inside-out.

Say goodbye to guesswork, painful treatments and overhyped products.
With my iDDNA® , you can co-design the ultimate Skin Care based on your DNA.