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This is Mylene.

She is 53 years young from Veenendaal, Netherlands.

Having great skin is very important to her. She spent a very long time looking for skincare that would work for her, and wasted a lot of time searching all over internet for good products and treatments for her skin.


Mylene received Swiss personalized skincare tailored to root causes of HER aging.

The best thing I like about it is that it is custom-made for me. I never liked putting too much stuff on my skin, and now I use only as much as my skin really needs.
Instead of using 5-6 products a day, I use my cleanser, my personalized treatment and my SPF that's only for me.

A year on, and Mylene has made her skin care program a part of her daily lifestyle.

Every time she reorders her skincare regimen, it's tweaked with changes in ingredients and formulas to match her updated needs.


My skin is glowing, pore-size is reduced, wrinkles and age-spots are faded away.
My skin is so firm and healthy now! It is funny, but the older I get – the more compliments I receive about my looks. I am 53 but I am told that I look as if I am 44. iDDNA® makes me feel good about my skin condition at this age.

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