Why are some people gifted with more beauty, youth and vitality?
Someone says they have good genes.

For decades, medical science has believed that genes determine our biological destiny.
There are no good or bad genes.
We have the genes we are born with, but our DNA is not locked away.

Although you cannot change your genetics, science has now proven that you can dramatically change how your genes affect your life.


You are only as old as you feel.
Ever felt that your age isn’t equal to the number of your birthdays?
You may be 28 years old chronologically, but due to negative genetics and your lifestyle, you may present a biological age of 40.

Many generic treatments are unsuccessful because traditional anti-aging therapies place you in a homogeneous age group.

Is there a truer measurement of your actual age for successful age management?
Yes. And you've found it.

According to the latest research, epigenetic age is a new way to measure biological age, and it is emerging as a way to assess human health and aging disease at a molecular level.

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You have added years to your life; it is time to think about how your add life to years.

There’s a cost to living; there’s a cost to doing everything.
That cost depends on the speed at which we’re living, to some degree.
If we are living our lives at a very fast rate, we tend to wear out sooner.

But why do we long to return to our more youthful years?
For most of us, it has nothing to do with reverting back to our twenties. Rather, it stems from a strong desire to preserve our youthful vitality.
In other words, we just want to maintain the energy and physical resilience we experience during those prime years.

This begs the question – is it possible to enjoy the perks of youth long after our thirties?
The answer is yes; it just might be possible to keep the unwanted side effects of aging at bay. Youthfulness is not as much about how old you really are, but rather how old you feel and how well your body works.

The human body has two different ages – a chronological age and a biological age.
Chronological age refers to the actual time you have been alive, meaning how old you are in years.
Biological age refers to how old you appear to be, and what’s happening inside of your body.

iDDNA® is not another genetic test.

Your genes are only the first step in examining your biochemistry and physiology. The critical translation between genotype, biochemistry, gene expression, biomarker tests, phenotype and personalized advice based on evidence-based research makes the difference.

iDDNA® is a technology created to provide custom-optimized treatment upon your biological age, called DNA Age.

Every custom anti-aging treatment is individualized in terms of prescribed treatment and lifestyle adjustments.

iDDNA® uses your DNA as age-predictor.
TERT, telomere-related genes, are the first step of your biological age estimation. Your score is then balanced with your free radical damage and inflammatory index, your age, your lifestyle, and selected environmental parameters.
This is your DNA Age.


A window on your cellular aging.
Your DNA Age may differ from your chronological age.
This can depend on a combination of negative genetics, behavior, lifestyle and environment.

For a better understanding of how your genetic influence and your lifestyle choices influence your aging process, Suisse Life Science research and development creates your GPS (Genetic Positioning System) map, reflecting your unique genetic and metabolic associations matrix (See scientific references here:

This is the matrix around you and in which you live.
Now the choice is yours.

Your GPS map and your iDDNA® AI mobile concierge help you find your ideal path to nutrition, wellness and fitness, so you can take action in real time.

gene training, healthy living

The most effective
cosmeceuticals and/or

gene training, healthy living

A personalized regimen
according to your
particular needs

gene training, healthy living

Potency, dosage and frequency
calibrate to respect the hormonal
identity of your body

gene training, healthy living

Personal, real-time, actionable information
making science work for you

iDDNA® gives you the choice to grow younger.

Consumer-friendly cutting-edge science for genes vs. lifestyle aging reprogramming.

Many studies have shown that a modern lifestyle affects your DNA. "Diseases of civilization" are believed to result in a gene-environment mismatch, as we are not genetically suited to modern diet and lifestyle of our environment. Because of the compelling connection between the environment and your DNA, your genes are the key that unlocks the true answer of how to optimize your body’s aptitude for staying younger and looking better.

Your biological age progress is a process of small, constant improvements.
In order to give you a more manageable way to see if you are doing it right, Suisse Life Science research and development has created a set of indexes.
The most important is MY iDDNA®.
MY iDDNA® is the score representing the translation of your biological age using the most pressing aging concerns in the world today:

  1. Healthy nutrition

  2. Stress and sleep management

  3. Longevity

  4. Hormone metabolism

  5. Sexual health

  6. Skin aging and skin health

  7. Fitness, exercise and sport.

  8. This is how iDDNA® helps your age-management at a cellular level in your day-to-day life.


Find out your biological age and receive a custom action plan to grow younger:

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