iDDNA becomes part of LIFEdata

iDDNA becomes part of LIFEdata

PRESS RELEASE The iDDNA brand and technology is now part of LIFEdata.AI SA and it will be marketed under LIFEdata's Digital Health solutions. iDDNA's mother company, Suisse…

PRESS RELEASE The iDDNA brand and technology is now part of LIFEdata.AI SA and…

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Pret-a-pregnant, January 13, 2018

My iDDNA experience on pret-a-pregnant

GAAN JE 2018 VOORNEMENS NIET NAAR WENS? DAN IS DIT DE GOUDEN TIP! Ben jij het jaar ook goed begonnen met goede voornemens voor een gezondere levensstijl? Maar heb je het idee dat de resultaten uitblijven? Dat is super frustrerend maar dit komt helaas heel vaak voor. Je leest wat op het internet en je...


Cosmetics Business, January 5, 2018

My iDDNA featured on Cosmetics Business

HOW PERSONALISATION IS REDEFINING LUXURY New technology will push bespoke beauty to a whole new level in 2018. Customisation in beauty has been around for years. But the digital era, which has ushered in colour matching technologies and innovation in algorithms, together with the growing consumer desire for unique and exclusive products, has catapulted personalisation...


corporate 19.12.2017

Suisse Life Science at London Festival of Genomics 2018

Suisse Life Science Group confirms the launch of its new technology “Personalised Health Middleware for Genomics…

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Age management 19.12.2017

A Healthy, Happy Holiday Season to You

A HEALTHY, HAPPY HOLIDAY SEASON TO YOU Our favorite gifts for the least and most health-focused names…

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Age management 07.12.2017

Suisse Life Science becomes member of True Health Initiative

Suisse Life Science Group announces that it has been accepted as member of True Health Initiative…

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Age management 20.11.2017

Cezar Taurion joins Suisse Life Science

Sao Paulo, November 20 2017 Cezar Taurion, former Chief Evangelist IBM Brazil, joins Suisse Life Science…

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Age management 04.11.2017

The HealthTech Solution To A Longer & Healthier Life

Humans are living longer, healthier and better lives than ever before in history. Advances in medicine,…

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corporate 04.11.2017

Investor Relations: Update November 2017

Investor Relations – Update London, November 3rd 2017 Suisse Life Science Group signs agreement for JV…

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