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How it works

Your body has been waiting to tell you how to live your best life. It’s time to use the world’s most complete personalized lifestyle solution to live better – by your own rules.


With your home starter kit, you collect your saliva sample (it’s painless!) and send it to our CLIA and CAP certified lab in the pre-labeled package. The iDDNA® app makes the 4-minute test easy by guiding you every step of the way.


Our experts use your test results to design your Genetic Positioning System (GPS) map, the most complete picture of how your body responds to food, your lifestyle and the environment. Then we create your biology report and an easy-to-navigate plan that you’ll always have on your personal online dashboard.


My iDDNA® comes with a customized program designed just for you based on your GPS. Download the iDDNA® smartphone app to interact with your lifestyle and learn – in real-time – what works for you and what doesn’t.


You’re using the world’s most complete personalized lifestyle technology – but we always keep a human touch. Your wellness coach is there for one-on-one support every step of the way. Or you can have my iDDNA® with professional support in a center near you.

Say goodbye to guesswork and overhyped products

The quality of life you've always wanted is less complicated than you think. My iDDNA empowers you to commit and make small changes that can help lower chronic disease risk, keep weight off for the long-term and improve overall health and well-being.

Want to live better?
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I diet but I can't maintain my weight.

No single diet is right for everyone. My iDDNA® analyzes your genetics and metabolism to determine the best diet for achieving and maintaining not only your ideal weight but also your energy, vitality and health.

I have trouble falling asleep and staying asleep.

Your genetics and your lifestyle affect your biological clock. My iDDNA® helps you maintain a healthy, balanced lifestyle and nutrition to improve your sleep and manage better stress.

I've tried every product, but I still struggle with my skin.

Beautiful skin starts from within. Discover your skin identity and get intelligent skincare personalized for glowing, clear, smooth, youthful-looking skin – NATURALLY.

I can't focus during the day.

Your brain uses more energy than any other tissue in your body. In order for your brain to work, you need to eat a combination of foods that will optimize your body’s energy production and enhance your focus – and eating them at the right time.