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Best anti-aging skincare results

Your journey with iDDNA® is about unlocking the story your body has to tell.
Read Lonneke's story about the best anti-aging skincare results.
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This is Lonneke.

She is 46 years young from Oud Turnhout, Belgium.

I took the plunge and ordered the 60-day anti-aging treatment. In addition to the skincare I also received tailor-made supplements that my skin really needs. I am so happy that iDDNA tackled this for me.


My iDDNA app tells me on a daily basis what to use, how much to use and when to use it. And all the information about by genes is safely installed on my app so I can keep all my information together. Ideal!

My personalized day-and-night creams and boosters are so luxurious. My skincare package even has my name on it! I just love it! Truly personalized. The products don’t feel greasy and after a couple of days my skin is so soft! My skin is extremely happy – and I mean that from the bottom of my heart.


I get a lot of compliments lately, people say that I look radiant and to be honest I can see that for myself as well. This type of compliment is always fun to receive but I truly notice that I get them a lot more often since I started using my iDDNA. This just can't be a coincidence.

I am very delighted that I discovered my iDDNA and that I have the opportunity to use these very special products for the coming months. It's just pure luxury!

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