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Wellness, healthy living, anti-aging | Genetic Testing & Personalized Health
February 7, 2018
Making DNA data useful
PRESS RELEASE London, February 7, 2017, Suisse Life Science: Connecting the dots between your DNA, the Data and how you can REALLY use it to better your life Genetics plays a significant role in diagnosis and treatment of several health conditions and having more data about our health is a positive step, but it is...
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February 3, 2018
Health and the crypto-economy. Not only blockchain
The crypto-economy is not only Bitcoins. Personalized health is embracing blockchain technologies. Suisse Life Science confirms to be evaluating a participation to days.exchange. Suisse Life Science adopted blockchain technology in 2017 as part of its effort to make health personal but we still incentivization as paramount to promote healthy behaviors and advantages to all stakeholders....
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February 3, 2018
Investor Relations - February 2018
THE MARKET In continuity with our EIS documentation, Investment memorandum and November Investor relation update we confirm that the market is more proactive at the enterprise level suggesting to capitalize the opportunity refactoring our technology platform for a corporate offer. Technically the market is strongly shifting to whole genome sequencing – which is a more...
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February 3, 2018
Genomic Intelligence at Festival of Genomics London
Great success for our first talk at Festival of Genomics London. GENOMIC INTELLIGENCE A large audience attended to our talk focused on using DNA to transform health from an expert-driven field – with poor predictive power and large gaps in its fundamental understanding of human biology – and transforming it into a data-driven predictive science...
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January 24, 2018
AI, Health and the Next Industrial Revolution - Festival of Genomics London 2018
The big bang is coming in health care, and it will spark the next industrial revolution. The biopharma innovation flow in 2017 was the most exciting the world has seen. Industrial revolutions occur when there is an unmet need and when different technologies come together to create magic.  The Fifth Industrial Revolution will be powered...
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Pret-a-pregnant, January 13, 2018
My iDDNA experience on pret-a-pregnant
GAAN JE 2018 VOORNEMENS NIET NAAR WENS? DAN IS DIT DE GOUDEN TIP! Ben jij het jaar ook goed begonnen met goede voornemens voor een gezondere levensstijl? Maar heb je het idee dat de resultaten uitblijven? Dat is super frustrerend maar dit komt helaas heel vaak voor. Je leest wat op het internet en je...
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Cosmetics Business, January 5, 2018
My iDDNA featured on Cosmetics Business
HOW PERSONALISATION IS REDEFINING LUXURY New technology will push bespoke beauty to a whole new level in 2018. Customisation in beauty has been around for years. But the digital era, which has ushered in colour matching technologies and innovation in algorithms, together with the growing consumer desire for unique and exclusive products, has catapulted personalisation...
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December 19, 2017
Suisse Life Science at London Festival of Genomics 2018
Suisse Life Science Group confirms the launch of its new technology “Personalised Health Middleware for Genomics Company” at Festival of Genomics London 2018. The new technology aimed at “Making DNA meaningful and actionable for population health interventions” will be introduced for the first time on 30th Jan at 11:20 in a public talk hosted by Dr. Birep...
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Life \fter Footb\ll., December 7, 2017
Healthy living coach on Life \fter Footb\ll
Imagine having a skincare or nutrition coach who tells you how best to care for your skin. Imagine having that advice to tell you what you can eat to feel the best, to feel as fit and as strong as possible. It may sound like a nice dream, but it is indeed reality… When you...
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December 7, 2017
Suisse Life Science becomes member of True Health Initiative
Suisse Life Science Group announces that it has been accepted as member of True Health Initiative (THI), a global voice for lifestyle as medicine. HEALTH COACHING to make Lifestyle as Medicine THI exists to make the fundamental truths about healthy, sustainable living and eating common knowledge, shifting the global understanding of practices that help people...
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Tatler, November 24, 2017
Genius wellness subscription service on Tatler
6 ways this genius wellness subscription service is going to kick-start your healthy lifestyle Let’s face it, as much as we might try to pretend it’s not the case, we know that the key to looking and feeling good is more than just surface level. We know that it relies on us having a healthy...
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Vanity Fair, November 21, 2017
Personal Health Technology on Vanity Fair UK
From a healthy diet plan to a personalized workout regime, My iDDNA®’s bespoke concierge app advises you 24/7 on all matters relating to your ultimate wellness. A lot of products which promise better health sound intimidatingly outlandish. But the best (and most practical) way for working on your wellness is probably in your hand right...
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November 20, 2017
Cezar Taurion joins Suisse Life Science
Sao Paulo, November 20 2017 Cezar Taurion, former Chief Evangelist IBM Brazil, joins Suisse Life Science Brazilian joint-venture to spread the Personal Digital Health revolution in South America. Cezar is the Head of Digital Transformation & Economy at KICK Ventures, venture builder which invested in Tesla. He previously served as director of New Applied Technologies...
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Women's Health, November 18, 2017
Genetic testing on Women's Health
“Three companies that I highly recommend for genetic testing are 23andme, IDDNA and Illumina” says Megan Pormer, Hollywood actress and health and beauty advocate raising awareness about customized health, beauty and wellness – on Women’s Health.
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November 4, 2017
The HealthTech Solution To A Longer & Healthier Life
Humans are living longer, healthier and better lives than ever before in history. Advances in medicine, nutrition and technology are enabling life expectancies to scale to ever higher records. Children born today in the UK and in most of the developed world can easily expect to see the dawn of the 22nd century. This progress...
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November 4, 2017
Investor Relations: Update November 2017
Investor Relations – Update London, November 3rd 2017 Suisse Life Science Group signs agreement for JV in Brazil Suisse Life Science Group plc signs an agreement for a 51% owned joint-venture in Brazil. Incorporation of Suisse Life Science Biotecnologia Ltda already started targeting Q1, 2018 to launch in Sao Paulo state before expanding nationwide. Suisse...
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PSFK’s Beauty Debrief, November 4, 2017
PSFK’s Beauty Debrief features my iDDNA as brand experience case history
PSFK’s Beauty Debrief explores how brands and retailers can help customers find or create their ‘perfect match’ of products and/or services. By adopting a personalization-first approach to product creation, recommendation and coaching, companies can forge brand relationships that satisfy consumers on functional, emotional and social levels. Retail, product and brand experience personalization help consumers satisfy...
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Aesthetics Journal, November 2, 2017
New wellness smartphone technology launches
A custom-lifestyle mobile phone app has launched in the UK with the aim of managing wellness, skin health and general health. The My iDDNA app is designed to get the know the user, their goals and routines and provides ‘informed, scientific and proactive advice’ for a healthier lifestyle. Through biomarkers and artificial intelligence, it is...
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October 31, 2017
The Leading Well-being & Medical Health Resort joins iDDNA® in Switzerland
Swiss Seven Stars Luxury Hospitality adds on personalized age management and digital health from January 2018. Grand Resort Bad Ragaz – recently awarded with the Seven Stars Luxury Hospitality & Lifestyle Awards for Best Medical Wellness/Longevity (International), Best Hotel/Resort and Best Spa in Switzerland – will make age management personal introducing my iDDNA® technology from...
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October 24, 2017
The Future of Health: Personalized, Smart, Digital Health
An Inside Look At 4 Global Megatrends Many factors are driving and will drive the global health market in the future. An ageing global population, major advancements in medical and digital technologies, and an increasing health-consciousness in the population, are rapidly shaping a fast-growing trillion-dollar sector. A closer understanding of these trends is fundamental for...
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October 17, 2017
Smartphone Medicine - Why Digital Health is making your life better
Smartphone Medicine – Why Digital Health is making your life better Mobile Health – The Future Of Healthy Living Within the booming digital health sector and digital health investment, mobile health (also known as mHealth) has increasingly grabbed the attention of the medical and investment world. The number of applications enabling users to monitor, measure...
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Tatler UK, October 10, 2017
Personalised skincare on Tatler UK
When you think about it, it’s slightly bonkers. We’ll happily spend hundreds of pounds on moisturisers and oils and serums, but why would we expect a product off the shelf to have the same effect on oily, Mediterranean skin as it would on fair, freckly, Scottish skin? The truth is, it probably won’t. Which is...
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October 7, 2017
Digital Health - The Future of Healthcare
Digital Health – A Booming Global Opportunity for the Future of Healthcare A Revolution In Healthcare The global health industry is about to embark on a period of extraordinary innovation, technological advancements and market growth. With digital technology affecting all segments of the economy, investor and media attention has focused in recent years on the...
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